JHOVE2 is an application and framework used by digital libraries to automate the characterization of their content. I wrote a User's Guide and Programmer's Guide for this product. These manuals were authored in Word 2010.

The Sun Fire X4600 was a high-end Opteron-based server that went away when Sun broke up its partnership with AMD. I was hired by Sun to take over as documentation lead. I had little opportunity to write new manuals for this product, but some severe problems with the existing documentation led to extensive rewriting, particularly of the Service Manual. One manual I did write from scratch was the Migration Guide. This manual documented the complicated and error-prone procedure for upgrading the oridinal X4600 system to the M2 version. These manuals were authored in FrameMaker 7.2, initially as plain FrameMaker files, later converted to Structured FrameMaker as part of a move to XML workflow.

I helped revise the Java Tutorial to make it up to date with respect to Java SE 6. I was the sole author of the Concurrency chapter. This document was authored in plain HTML, with some processing by a content management application written in Perl. I was responsible for revising this application to give the web site a modern look and feel.

Here are some writing exercises I did for a potential employer. Not your usual writing samples, but they do tell you something about how I approach my job.